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Winter driving safety checklist

1. Refer to your machine’s manual

It’s always important to consult your manual to ensure you’re doing things correctly. JLG manuals will provide you with information on what’s best for your machine in extreme weather conditions.

2. Use the most suitable lubricants for your machine’s engine, transmission, and hydraulic systems.

Cold weather may require different fluids than what you would normally use in your machine. Using incorrect fluids could cause unnecessary wear on your machine. Refer to JLG manuals to see which fuels and fluids would be most suitable during cold weather.

3. Select the right tires for cold weather jobs

Slippery and snowy areas can cause your machine to lose traction. Choose tires with the appropriate profile and application so your machine doesn’t get stuck.

4. Check or replace your machine’s filters

Filters are vital if you want to avoid starting issues or power loss on the job site. Check all hydraulic, air, and fuel filters and make sure they are clean. If not, be sure to replace them to ensure proper operation.

5. Inspect your machine’s hoses and cables

Cold weather can heavily impact your machine’s hoses and cables. While this may not directly affect your machine’s performance, it can affect the lifespan of the hose itself. Check if your hoses are still in good condition and replace them if necessary.

6. Inspect all buttons and switches for damage, both on platform controls and ground controls, and replace them if necessary.

Such damages could lead to faster breakdowns, due to ice or water, causing the machine to malfunction.

7. Check all lights and flashers on your machine

Extreme weather can greatly distort visibility. Make sure all lights are working and consider purchasing a flasher. Enhanced visibility of your machine and operator will significantly reduce risks on the job site.

8. Storage of cold-sensitive spare parts

Although checking all vulnerable spare parts before winter should help a lot, there may always be some failure. Make sure to store vulnerable spare parts to quickly repair your machine and minimize downtime.

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